Gregory’s – The Boat

A boat docked on the river bank, between Ponte Margherita and Ponte Pietro Nenni, is the second and new venue of Gregory’s in Rome. After 24 years, the historic jazz club takes up a new challenge. A jazz club, a cocktail bar and the ideal set for your brunch at the week end (starting at noon), providing a selected modern mixology proposal, a menu to be discovered ready to satisfy and to surprise the most difficult tastes too, a bar ready to help every kind of thirst, and – of course – live jazz.


Friday 12th at 9. 30pm – Domenico Sanna Trio

Saturday 13th at 12 pm – JazzBrunch / Antonella Aprea Trio

Saturday 13th at 9.30pm – Domenico Sanna Trio

Sunday 14th at 12pm- JazzBrunch / Antonella Aprea Trio

Thursday 18th at 9.30pm – Benito Gonzalez Trio

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