Fri 07 Sep. 2018 h 9:30 PM

Red Pellini 4tet – Roaring the Twenties

"Some Like It Hot". Maybe this would be enough to talk about the jazz of Fabiano Pellini. He is not only an excellent musician, arranger and composer, but also a great lover of traditional jazz. Featuring a remarkable swing imprint makes every concert an opportunity to appreciate the spirit of the years of the Jazz Age. Pellini plays his sax deep, hard and kindly crossing the period from the 20s to the 40s with a familiarity that comes from the study and from the great jazz culture - is one of the main experts of Bix Beiderbecke - and above all the ability to play not just to perform the songs but before anything to convey to the audience the nature of music that makes the involvement and energy his stylistic main.

  • Red Pellini - Sax
  • Michael Supnick - Trumpet
  • Alessio Magliari - Piano
  • Carlo Battisti - Drums
Dinner à la carte starting from 7.30 pm
Live jazz at 9.30pm
€ 20,00 including first drink, 
for live jazz only
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