More than 140 seats and a wide stage overlooking the most fascinating set of the town. Lunch and dinner area serving a fusion sushi mix and italian seafood, starting at 11.30am. In the large lounge and restaurant area that develops around the stage numerous pied dans l’eau corners, lounges and tables to admire the sunset or to immerse yourself in the evening lights that are reflected in the river and to discover the originality of a culinary proposal which composes the best of the Italian regional tradition with a fusion elaboration of Japanese cuisine, and of the international cocktail bar inspired by the latest trends in mixology. Gregory’s by the River is an invitation for eyes, ears and palate; a temptation to abandon yourself to experience an experience that brings the heart of jazz to the heart of Rome.

On sunday: New Orleans Style Brunch – 11.30am

Italian menu


cold cuts of salami and cheese € 12
beef carpaccio with bitter cocoa and raspberries 10 €

Seafood appetizers

cuttlefish tagliatelle with julienne red cabbage and lime 12 €
warm octopus and shrimp salad 12 €
orange-flavored tuna tartare, celery cubes, balsamic vinegar caviar 12 €

Seafood pasta

tagliolini with seafood 14 €
striped tagliolini with saffron sauce and mazzara prawns 14 €
tagliolini with yellow pepper stew, urchin pulp, mullet roe and stracciatella 14 €
pacchero with cheese and pepper with angled meat 14 €

Seafood mains

grilled octopus on purple potato soufflé and confit cherry tomato 18 €
sliced tuna with black sesame and caramelized Tropea onion 18 €
grilled fresh fish 24 €


chocolate cake € 6
broken up millefoglie 6 €

Soft drinks

Coca-cola, sprite, fanta 5€
still or sparkling mineral water 0,75l 3€
still or sparkling mineral water o,5l 1,5€


italian espresso 2€
cappuccino 3€
black coffee 4€

Sushi fusion


Edamame 5€
Soy beans, sea salt
Greg’s salmon tartare 10€
Salmon, avocado, almond flakes, flying fish roe
Soft shell crab tempura 12€
Soft shell crab, basil mayonnaise
Mix selection tempura 12€
Prawns, squids, zucchini
Greg’s carpaccio 12€
Sea bass, ginger truffle soy dressing

Sushi counter
(rolls of 8 pieces)

Ragtime 10 €
Salmon tartare, avocado, almond flakes

Swing 10 €
Crabmeat, avocado, flying fish roe
Bebop 10 €
Salmon, avocado, sesame seeds
Cool 13 €
Prawns tempura, avocado, sea bass, ceviche style sauce
Bird 10 €
Maki tempura, philaelphia, mix wild berries
Dizzy 13 €
Salmon, avocado, cream cheese, shiitake, salad sauce
Morgan 13 €
Prawns tempura, cream cheese, mango sauce
Satchmo 13 €
Crabmeat, salmon, cucumber, spicy sauce
Duke 14 €
Prawns tempura, cream cheese, salmon, sweet sauce
Miles ahead 14 €
Asparagus, avocado, spicy tuna

Sushi boat

Chef selection of the best sushi rolls 60€
carpaccio and tempura (45 pieces) 


Caesar salad 12€
Crunchy chicken, parmesan cheese, croutons, caesar dressing
Greek salad 12€
Tomatoes, cucumber, onion, feta cheese, olives, origan
Veggie salad 12€
Shiitake, avocado, wakame, tofu, edamame, sesame dressing
Sashimi salad 14€
Salmon, sea bass, tuna, wakame, tomatoes, cucumber,
avocado, truffle ponzu dressing

Poke bar
(served with rice)

Aloha poke 14€
Salmon, avocado, pineapple, cucumber, scallion,
Jalapeño, sesame vinaigrette
Crunch poke 15€
Tuna, salmon, wakame, fish roe, edamame, almond
Flakes, wasabi mayonnaise
Volcano poke 15€
Prawns tempura, salmon, avocado, ginger, tomatoes,
Jalapeño, spicy sesame soy dressing


Ginger and lemon cheesecake 8€
Cheesecake with tasty ginger and lemon covered
With meringue and crispy almonds
Gregory’s dome 10€
Crunchy hazelnut and chocolate mousse